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Classroom and office :
Facilities conducive to learning are available for the school at K.P.H. In addition, there are classroom space provided at the University of the West Indies, University of Technology and the Bustamante Hospital for Children (BHC), for classes taught by professors and physicians associated at these institutions.
#Academic staff
Medical Director Dr. Hazel Chung-Knight
MBBS (UWI – London), DA (London), FFARCS (Ireland), Cert. in Mgt. (Staff College)
Nursing Coordinator Mrs. Joyce Daley
RN, RM, CNA, BSc, MSc (NEd.)
Tutor Ms. Sonia Barnabi
RN, SCM, CCN, CNA, BSc, MSc (WEd.)
Tutor Ms. Lorna Calder
RN, CCN, CNA, BSc, MSc (MPhil) pending
Support Services:
Senior Secretary Mrs. Venecia Robinson-Douglas
5 CXC, Secretarial Diploma, Cert. in Admin. Mgt.
Office Attendant Ms. Annmarie Nichols
Janitor Ms. Gloria Garrick

Academic Support Staff:

Nurse Anaesthetist Preceptors:
  • Ms. Sonia Dormer - RN, RM, CNA, BSc, MSc (NEd.)
  • Mrs. Grace Hunter - RN, CCN, CNA, BSc
  • Mrs. Odette Wright - RN, RM, CNA, BSc
  • Ms. Erna Reid - RN, RM, CNA, BSc
  • Ms. Erna Reid - RN, RM, CNA, BSc
  • Ms. Inez Brady - RN, RM, CNA, BSc
  • Ms. Winsome Taylor - RN, RM, CNA, BSc
  • Mrs. Delrose Hart - RN, RM, CNA, BSc
  • Ms. Rhoda Barnes - RN, RM, CNA, BSc, Senior Nurse Anaesthetist
  • Mrs. Marjorie Hylton - BSN, RM, CAN

#The Faculty
The faculty comprises professsionals who together have accumulated over 80 yeas of experience, commitment and dedication. They are prepared at the doctorial and master's level of qualification and are highly motivated.
Continuing education is mandatory, as the aim is to keep current in the technological age. these professionals work assiduously to provide the type of educational process and setting in which students shall be able to demonstrate the acquired competency in professional and personal skills.
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  • Dr. Neville Ballin - FFARCS
  • Dr. Brendan Dunn - FFARCS
  • Dr. Wendy Gardener - DM
  • Dr. Dutris Bourne - DM, MBA, Diploma in Education & Training
  • Dr. Asher Cooper - DM, FRCA
  • Dr. Rosalyn Brown - DA, FRCA
  • Dr. Lambert Innis - FRCA
  • Dr. Brian James - DM, FRCA
  • Dr. Delroy Dawson - DM, MSc (Pain)
  • Dr. Maria Wheby-Nelson - DM, FFARCS
  • Dr. Clarence McGaw - DM, FRCA
  • Dr. Annette Sykes - DM
  • Dr. Marina Scarlett - DM, FRCA
  • Dr. Angela Curtis - DM
  • Dr. Stewart Murray - DM, FRCA
  • Dr. Everton McIntosh - DM
  • Dr. Derrick Harvey - DM, FRCA
  • Dr. Shobha - DA (Bombay)
  • Dr. Juaneth Jordan - FFARCS
  • Dr. Peter Scarlett - DM, FRCA

Department of Physiology – U.H.W.I.:
  • Dr. Omkar Parshad - MSc, PhD (Punj – Ag)
  • Dr. Lauriann Young-Martin - Mphil, PhD
  • Dr. Lauriann Young-Martin - Mphil, PhD
  • Dr. Liris Benjamin - MD, Mphil, PhD
  • Dr. Jacqueline Vigilance - Mphil, PhD
  • Dr Y. Sujathama - MD, MBBS, MSc (Anatomy)
  • Prof. Harvey Reid - Mphil, PhD

University of Technology:

  • Dr. Philip Onuoha - BSc, MSc, PhD (Research Methodology)
  • Mr. Rudolph Mangaroo - BSc, MSc (Physics)
  • Mrs. Beverley Myers - BSc, MSc (Chemistry)
  • Mrs. Lucy O’Sullivan - MSc (Psychology/Sociology)
  • Ms. Camille Marshall - BSc (Physiotherapy)

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